Daily Archives: April 6, 2017

Planning To Party The Season Away

The time for all parties is now – summer is on it’s way and we can get down to the serious business of lunch parties, dinner parties, tea parties – in fact any kind of party that you can imagine is now an easy to arrange operation.  At one time there would be lists of invitees to sort, working out who would be best to sit near whom and then there was the worry about whether this pal is still talking to that one etc.  The food and drink side of parties is always a but prickly these days – many female pals are totally non meat eaters.

Once the difficiult bits have been sorted, it’s on to the real planning.  The best way to get a party on the go is to get online and browse the party supply sites.  They offer so many ideas – different themes, decorations, table layout designs.