Daily Archives: May 12, 2017

Take Nail Biting Anxiety Out Of Party Planning

Organising a party for any age group can be daunting if you are not the outgoing flambouyant party type yourself.  When I worked in sales and marketing as the departmental secretary in a very male dominated industry, I had responsibility for organising much of the entertainment for visitors etc.  I did not however have the job of organising he firm’s christmas party.  That was left to a more experienced worthy.  And for that I shall be eternally grateful.  As we know organising one type of shin-dig is much different to the angst of getting the christmas ‘do’ perfect.

These days however, this worry and nail biting anxiety need not occur at all.  There are some absolutely fabulous agencies out there online who can supply a whole party with everything you could wish for – balloons, catering, crocker, glassware and importantly, the booze.  They can think of thousands of party themes and experiences.  Utter perfection.